Friday, April 15, 2011

The Six Fat Dutchmen

John Ellickson I once heard that He played in the polka band, "The Six Fat Dutchmen". They were very popular in there day as polka bands go. Can anybody verify this? Norma, are you out there?

Holy Illuminated Rumblin' Moses!

John Ellickson Jim is not on Facebook but I will relay this story in his stead. Grampa never swore. At least no one ever heard Him swear. Jim was with Him when Grampa got frustrated and He said, "Wholly Illuminated Rumblin" Moses".

Joan    I heard him say that too!

Fresh Trout

John Ellickson Grampa once came down with some fresh trout. It seems I was the only one there so He cleaned and filleted them and began to eat the raw fish. He gave some to me and I ate it also. If it was good enough for Him, It was good enough for me.

Police Chief Eli Ellickson

John Ellickson I had a neighbor here in Muckerville named Leo. He told me that he used to be Decorahs town drunk and rowdy. Grampa used to be the Chief of Police in Decorah and Leo said Eli used to stop him and take his keys and then take him home and tuck him into bed.
Joan  Dad used to tell us that story!  How cool that you actually met the man.  I remember thinking that grandpa must have been like Andy Taylor from Mayberry.
Do you remember dad telling us that when Baby Face Nelson was being chased by the FBI, that he went through northern Iowa and Grandpa was involved in part of that pursuit.  Don't know how involved, maybe just "be on the lookout". 

"Old Carp"

Susan Sundquist Grandpa Eli Had one funky toenail...he had dropped something on it when he was was so cool to look at. Grandma Bertha always called him an "old carp"! 
Joan   And when she said it, she meant it with spite!  If she swore, he'd have been an s.o.b.  

Grandpa's Rocker and Salt Water Taffy

Denise Ellickson Palumbo When we would go up on fridays after Dad got of work it would be dark usually by the time we got there and he would be sitting on the porch reading the bible in the wooden rocker waiting for us:)

Judy Ellickson i remember being amazed that he could eat a whole apple in 2 bites.

Judy Ellickson And I vaguely recall the panel truck, and the smell of it, and salt water taffy from piggly wiggly, or was it Jack n Jill? 

Denise Ellickson Palumbo Both they had both stores there:)

John Ellickson Just a short note. The Jack and Jill store was in Decorah. The Piggly Wiggly was in Independence. He used to bring down whole wheat bread from the Piggly Wiggly. Yum Yum.

Joan   I have that rocker!  A piece of the arm is broken off.  One rocker is shortened in front, being chewed off by one of brother John's dogs (at least that's what I heard).  I recovered the seat and it's still a comfy place to sit.  On the fragile side though, so it's in a bedroom.  I sit there when I need peace. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

John Ellickson Many people have responded. He was like having Santa Claus and Sergeant Schultz all rolled up into One. I'll post more soon.
Love John
    I remember His house. When you came into the front door you would be on a screened in front porch. His Sousaphone was in a case just off to the right of the front door that lead into the house.  The back porch was like a Norwegian Disneyland. Fishing poles, canvas bags filled with black walnuts, and squirrel tails.


  • Joan   I sketched out how I remember his house.  Livingroom was always dark, curtains closed.  There was a HUGE radio with dozens of knobs.  Grandma's Singer treddle sewing machine that I wanted to touch but couldn't.  The 10 pound black phone with no dial, pick it up and a lady would answer "central - who can I get for you?"  Narrow steep stairs to the "attic" bedrooms. Large bathroom with the toilet right next to the window.  Woodburning cooking stove.  Creepy stairs to the rock wall, dirt floor basement.  Outside. . . LP tank that made great sounds when hit (so did mom telling us to stop hitting it).  Rhubarb plants in a row in back.  The extra empty lot we could run around in.  Oh darn, I have to get ready for work now.